Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just me

Just me in a selfie moment. Sassy keeps me company. 

Lord Chesterfield Ale

This was a new beer I tried. There are so many different brewery's here in PA. I think it had a fragrant taste..not that bad. 

5 Things

Loved this...funny thing is I really try! 

Monday, October 28, 2013


Moms window is always so pretty! 

Spoiled with sugar sugar!

Mom is ready for the kiddies...

I attempted to try this...

First time using my crockpot. The possibilities are endless!! 

Dinner n coffee w mom and my babies...
Tried this Candian coffee Sinshine sent me in a swap a while back. It's really good!! I'm glad cause I was all out!!

So this was my Sunday...

I love spending Sunday with my mom. I love her company. 


Happy Halloween 2013!!!

Here are a few fotos of my home decor this halloween. I've noticed how much decor I have for all the other holidays vs fall/halloween. I hope to find more goodies to keep and save for next year. I love how everything looks together. 

House warming

My neighbor Faith decided to stop by with this sweet lol treat. Pravda liquor and testing shot glasses. I thought is was so nice of her. It's amazing how people think of you. I was so surprised and plan to save it for a while. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It's been getting a lil chilly so I brought out my 1sheep 2sheep slippers. My toes are so warm & toasty!! They were a Xmas gift from mom and dad.

A lil shopping...

Hit an Asian 99ct store with mom. I'm only trying to purchase things I need and will use for my home. These two lil goodies were the only cool goodies I found. I needed a new fry guard so I was happy to find the same one I had. I've seen those with a handle and I prefer one like a top. I picked up more fancy bulbs for my bano. My vanity looks so bright!! 

Think PINK

Organizing my PINK life. I love the way the sun shines in. I never have to turn any lights on during the day. I love sunlight. It makes me feel creative an fills me with energy!! Feels good to sit back and smile.

Quotes make me smile.

Slow down long enough to find them! 


I added some sweet touchs to my restroom. It feels so cozy. I love to leave a fragrant tea light burning. It's the simple things. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Settling in...

Cable time...

I haven't stopped watching tv!! I have to get every penny's worth!! What we pay for entertainment. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crock-pot Season

It's Crock-pot season as I like to call it. I'm so excited to finally own one!!! I've even wanting one for a while now. I've seen so many yummy recipes!! I'm a working woman so when I get off from work I'm usually too tired to cook an entire meal. I really hope to use her this weekend for the first time and see how she really works. 


This is a horrible photo but I promised myself to post progress and update daily? I do a lot of wishful thinking. I hope to see the floor again soon. Don't judge me its only been one week since my move. I hope to get crafty and paint soon.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Who is the fairest of them all??!

Monday morning...So in love with my "Sleeping Beauty" mirror!!! 

Fish tacos

My first official meal n night in my new place. Me and mom had simple fish tacos. They were so good!! I love her company! 

Saturday sun

Had fun w mom! She is the best! We laughed all day and lounged after my last trip moving in. I love her to peices! 

Ps.she was so happy to see me wearing her creation.....my CHICA shirt <3

New place..

New place new beginnings. It feels so good to start anew. It's been a big change for me and I'm really happy and very excited. There is so much space and sunlight!! I'm in love <3