Monday, December 30, 2013

Pen pal mess

My pen pal mess in my living room. 
I did alot of pen paling over the weekend. It feels good to play catch up! 

I watched a few movies. Titanic, Goodgellas and 7things before 30 on lifetime. 

Christmas 2014

Family dollar 
Christmas clearance 50% off!!! I can't wait to put my 6ft white tree up next year!! I picked up a few other xhristmas things while I was there. 

I did put up my lil-big-pink tree up with the others...looks way better!! 
Fa la la la la la

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Blessed Sunday at home...

Flan ladies at my door!!

It was nice to find two lil old ladies knocking at my door. They carried flan's for sale. It was for their church and I thought why not!! It was so yummy!!! 

We both got lucky that day!! I was craving something super sweet!! 

Merry Christmas continues!! 

Friday night

Friday nights dinner...Saturday lunch!! So yummy

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Embracing the "Crochet Life"

My mom is a crochet queen. She's inspired me to crochet!!! 

It all started last year when she found an infinity scarf tutorial on YouTube. I watched and thought it was easy enough to try. I made a beige one. This year I made a camo styled one and have started a pink one. I'm a beginner so don't count my stitches ha ha!!

I can't wait to use these new sparkling yarns I purchased at acmoore! I love that store!! I will post more fotos once I start my other scarves. I also picked up some candles. 3/$10 and they are very fragrant!!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Till the season!!

Sneak peek!! 

Gift wrapped some gifts going out to Florida this Christmas. I'm so excited to spoil my neices and nephews!! 

I have alot more to go!! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Closet Genie

I found these closet genies at the dollar tree and I thought "Why not??" I went back for a few more. Like 6 of them!!! Lol Crazy but they really save alot of space. Now I have to color coordinate again..

Hello Kitty/fashion love!!  

Infinito's kinda Saturday.

I decided to treat my mom to Infonito's. Its a nice lil pizza buffet. We had fun n were stuffed!! My faves were the buffalo, spicey meatball, Alfredo n blueberry!!

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