Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My yesterday

My yesterday...

Modelo moments after work...

I made a paldo sopita n spiked it with green beans and eggs. It was so good!!
I also received my ipsy bags!! Post to come!! 

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New charger

So my poor charger died on me today. 

I needed a replacement. So I picked up a black one and some pretty bangles too!!

#itsagirlthang #pinklife

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Curly Q...

Embracing my curls!! Oh summertime!!


Love quietly and give it away

"...and on Wednesdays we wear pink"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Smart cookie..

Me yesterday 

I packed lunch!! I've been so good!! Yay go me!! I tried a turkey ranch rap w pico de gallo. It was so good!!

I couponed!! It's been a while and I had them with me so I was a smart cookie to use them. 

I had soup for dinner. I was lazy and hungry!! It was pretty spicey! YUM!!

I also picked up this pretty white leopard print sweater. Someone forgot to ring it up!! FREEBIE!!!

That was all...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Zombie wkend

"When he makes u feel like the ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD"....

Cuddle time is the best time!! I missed my baby!! We did a few chores and lounged around...

Bfast n lunch time n a pic of dinner...

We hit Wendy's for frosty's...and some shopping...

Ran home for dinner and fire works. VIP seating on my front porch. We had an awesome show!! We didn't even have to leave the house! Lol 

Silly shots in the dark..

Friday's yummy food shots...frozen banana/peanut butter snacks covered in chocolate!!!! Mmmmm it was so good!!

We put my shelf together!! Yayy!!! Still working in home decore. Spoiled babies rippin up beds and making a mess. Chihuahua love!!

Jerome was in the house all wkend!! Lol!!

Visit w mom n her pretty haven...Her lil garden. Moments w my ladybug are always special!! 

She have me a new baby!! So spoiled!!
I love her!!

Driving back home fr moms I found pretty white horses n carriage! It was so pretty. 

Then off to the movies...

Deliver Us From Evil was OKAY hence my thumbs down lol! It went in too many directions for our liking lol!! It was just an OKAY kinda movie...

Then we hit the Heisters Lane for some bowling. He kicked my butt but I was really close!! Really really really close lol! 

Love this foto below...It shows his ring!! 

Met up w my fave bar tender DezzyDez!! 

My baby in action...

Me and my PINK ACES ball. Which I fell in love with!! Lol PINK LADIES ROCK!!

Had so much fun!!! We felt like kids again! 

Before our goodbye...

So sad...

Latenight mani/pedi/chocolate I miss my baby session before bed...

The end to a beautiful wkend!!