Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 2014

Random fotos of my life September 2014

A lot of Faruko music!! I love his sound! 
Went to Salsa Burrito's again!! I love their food so much!! It's addictive!!

Visitor at the office with chocolate bars.
#funkflexapp top user monthly!! 
I wore more LIPSTICK!!

Wore my hair down more..

Marilyn Monroe thoughts..
New screensaver..
Malibu red n some jack...

Dont know what that blue thing is on my forehead ha ha ha 

Loving Mary Mary!!! I was glued!

Dinner at the buffet. Fotos of my plates!!

I love Chinese food!!

Spoiled love!! 

Goodies my baby got me...smiles


Just sassy me

Pretty bright!! 

Loving him!! Noxema facial tiiiiime!!

My Mr.Handsome

Pepper steak n white rice special.
Tres leches cake

"Baby but where is the leche??!

A lot more cooking!! King & Queen salads and quality time.

Silly faces n fun times..

Marilyn was the star of that wkend. Not sure if I'm feeling my set up...subject to change...but I def love my new Marilyn

I'm in love with Cabernet!!

I updated my To Do List...added a few new things like garbage day to my Thursday lol! 

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek into my life...

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