Monday, September 15, 2014


Quality time- LIONHEARTS 
Chicken Tikki Masala was amazing!!

Portuguese sausage for breakfast.
I had a hibachi heart moment.

Baked Oatmeal/Chocolate Chip cookies.
We ate them all...I was able to save a few for mom. She loved them too! 

More chicken masala this time over rice. It was even better the next day!! Can't wait to make this again!! 

Steak n onions on the right with creole rice n salad. Def a cultural wkend.

Someone was spoiled n taken to $5 & below!! Love that place!!! Hello kitty trouble & girly goodies...

New cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld. The recipies look easy n ingredients are easy to find!! I have a few picked out already ;) 

I've been glued to this zine!!! 

I wondered if I would find some "gun/metal" polish while shopping and I did!! 

Don't mind my edit I wanted to really show the metal effect not the wrinkled hand effect!! Lmao

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Xo Remy & Henny

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